Canadian Holistic Training Academy

The Canadian Holistic Training Academy is a private career college owned and operated by Lynn Bosman – a researcher, an author and driven by her passion to educate wellness practitioners and consumers focused on holistic health and safety practices.

The Mississauga School of Aromatherapy, also founded by Lynn and first opened in 1993. The Canadian Holistic Therapists Training School was founded shortly after, in 1995, and was renamed The Canadian Holistic Training Academy upon celebrating 25 years of excellence in education.

Through certification courses, programs, and workshops, students of the Academy gain the knowledge and expertise they need to have a professional edge in a highly competitive industry.

Courses are specifically designed to lead students to increased success in their new career as a Wellness Practitioner by helping their clientele balance the 4 Pillars of Healing: Emotional, Physical, Nutritional and Spiritual health. Program content is backed by the most current scientific data, designed with a focus on safety, and can be conveniently completed online at the pace of each individual.

This customizable approach to career development makes it simple for students to complete their program and allows alumni to achieve and deliver excellence and safe service to their clientele – and this translates into more successful entrepreneurs and practitioners.

The Canadian Holistic Training Academy is proud to offer Certification Courses and Continuing Education Units for Registered Massage Therapists as approved by the Ontario Massage Training Association.

The Academy also offers courses approved by the Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario and the National Health Practitioners Association.

The professional designation Canadian Licensed Clinical Aromatherapist (C.L.C.A.) can also be obtained through the Academy.

Approved by the Federal Government, the Canadian Holistic Training Academy offers students the T2202 tax training receipt as well as specialized liability insurance. It holds memberships with the Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario (RRCO) and the Essential Oil Safety Board.