Rejuvenating Plant Serums for Various Skin Types


Rejuvenating Plant Serums ~ For All Skin Types

One day workshop – 10 am to 4 pm

Starts the 2nd Saturday of each month – Holidays Excluded

Interested in selling your own brand of product? This course helps you to understand natural ingredients versus chemical ones.

Serums are light-weight compositions designed from plant extracts to nourish and rejuvenate the largest organ of the body – your skin.

Workshop Outline:

  • Plant extracts and essential oils combined for ultimate skin healing
  • Rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction
  • Base oils favorable for their nutrient contents for the skin
  • Best blend for problematic, blemished and sensitive skin
  • Plant bases with the most nutrient contents for the skin
  • Best ingredient combinations for mature, dry, oily and blemished

Of course, participants create all their own products in class and take them home to enjoy.

Certificate obtained upon completion.

Investment: $300.00