Reasons why your spark is missing and what to do about it.

What puts us in a happy mood and more importantly what sparks energy in us? Why do we feel so tired, exhausted and irritable or down and frustrated by everything?

Our hormones manage our physiology and behaviour. Hormones are our body’s spark plugs and sometimes that spark is not as ignited as it should be. 

Massage is one way to release chemicals from the body, by improving the lymph flow throughout the body and eliminating toxic build-up in the tissues. Find out more on how massage can help you or your clients here.

Beauty: The real truth.

Our beauty routine is fooling us. Besides believing that beauty products are what we need to feel beautiful – our cosmetics, body lotions and creams contain hormone disruptors. Our body absorbs these endocrine disruptors every day from our body washes, lotions and creams whether we realize it or not. 

A research study was conducted that found a staggering amount of chemicals in the blood cord of a new-born baby, these chemicals came directly from the mother during pregnancy. Another study conducted on breast milk found huge amounts of chemicals in breast milk.

Dumping site for chemicals.

The breast becomes a dumping site for chemicals from the head down, toxins end up in breast tissue as the lymph system picks up dangerous chemicals applied to your hair, face and the rest of the body. 

Shampoo contains phalates, sodium laurel sulphate, fragrance, parabens and more. Makeup contains butylparaben, peg colors, titanium dioxide, oxybismuth, edta, emulsifiers, iron oxides. Face creams are often made with carboner, butylparaben, propoleneglycol, emulsifiers, EDTA and dimethicone.

Antifreeze and your cosmetics.

By now you know that if you can’t say the ingredients on the label then that’s most likely a sign that you should not be using a certain product. 

Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is a petroleum derivative compound made from ethylene glycol, the main ingredient in antifreeze. PEG’s are commonly used in cosmetics in thickeners, softeners and moisturizers, also pharmaceuticals put it in laxatives. 

It is claimed that PEG compounds are being purified to use in cosmetics but how do we really know what processes are used? 

The David Suzuki Foundation has a more detailed explanation of what PEG compounds are and their contaminants here.

Here are some DIY skin cleansing tips that are so simple it makes you wonder why you haven’t tried them yet.

Safeguard your health.

We are on a mission at The Canadian Holistic Training Academy to safeguard your health and guide you and or your clients through to the right path to living an energized and healthier life. We show you how to properly clean up your body from all the stages of detoxification, balance your hormones and flush out harmful chemicals. We want you to live a healthier life with fewer aches, pains and inflammation. 

You can help clients feel the deep therapeutic benefits of different massage techniques such Indian head massage that can help provide stress relief for the entire body or   Hot Stone Therapy Certification that combines the safe placement of heated stones with advanced massage techniques and essential oils. Aromatherapy Certification shows you exactly how to blend essential oils to benefit hormone balance. 

We are proud to offer so many wonderful certification courses, programs and workshops. Our students gain the knowledge and expertise they need to have a professional edge in a competitive industry. You can choose to grow your career even faster by using these Exclusive Bundles. From Iridology to Reflexology to Massage and Aromatherapy Certification we show you how to help you or your client balance hormones, detox and increase overall health. 


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