Oxygenation the key to a healthier body

Oxygenation the key to a healthier body

Various types of pine have been utilized by man since the earliest times. The needles of pines are an extremely rich source of vitamins and minerals and have been used for nutritional supplementation.

Pines exude a balsamic fragrance which has powerful health-giving properties of great value to those who suffer from defects of the respiratory organs.

Holidaymakers, especially if they are invalids or rheumatic patients, tend to gravitate to the Black Forest and other great pine woods of Europe, because the exudations from the trees are curative of many diseases in their early stages, and have an invigorating effect on those who are overtired and debilitated.
Research- Leyel C. 1957. We have learned in recent years that cancer does not like oxygen.

Park Hyun – Soo didn’t look like a man on chemotherapy. At age forty- one and a full head of black hair. Park is part of a new breed of Korean forest Agency employee known as a forest healing instructor. He had gone to graduate school for this. With leukemia diagnosis at age 34, he decided to seek peace and recovery in the woods. And it worked so well he decided to orient his entire life to the cypress trees.

A healing forest called, Jangseong Healing Forest, has 3000 to 4000 people every month passing through, including three to four groups per day geared to some sort of healing.

Many species of pine oil are used for, rheumatism, fibrositis, sprains, especially popular in medicinal baths.

Researched 1993 De Smet. Adverse effects of herbal drugs.

Good quality pine essential oil, or Siberian Fir, which has a much more pleasant fragrance than pine-type oils, is more likely to be used for chest rubs when diluted with fractionated coconut oil. Especially for congestion of the respiratory tract, and when colds and flu are present. A warm bath with these oils, only 6 drops in total can have a relaxing effect on aching muscles and aid circulation. In massage, it is very useful for rheumatism and fibrositis.

Please note – all essential oil blends need to be diluted in a base oil before use.

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