Massage benefits go beyond pain relief; different techniques to help the body release toxins.

From birth to the elderly the power of safe human touch is so important, we would grow deeply depressed if there was no human touch. For instance, when a baby is massaged by the mother there is warmth and a precious bond created between them. A baby sleeps much better after a gentle massage. It is very clear that without the power of touch people cannot survive.

The ultimate goal of regular massage is to help reduce the risk of psychological stress-related illnesses such as insomnia, depression and anxiety. Physically, massage is amazing in that it increases blood and lymph circulation, therefore, relaxing soft tissue. Soft tissue includes muscles, tendons, connective tissue and ligaments. What is so amazing about massage is that when the body releases that tense connective tissue, nerves in the body are able to circulate more oxygen making it easier to carry nutrients to muscle cells. 

It’s eye-opening how the body responds to the human touch. Give yourself a foot massage after standing on your feet all day. The simple act of this simple yet effective massage helps aid in the absorption of extra fluids and reduces the swelling in your feet.

Create an uplifting reaction.

Massage is known to ease anxiety and depression. The psychological response and the physical response to massage are closely connected. People sometimes fall asleep during the massage because massage promotes the release of serotonin. Serotonin controls sleep, mood and hunger.

The compression of nerves is reduced by decreasing muscle spasms through massage. When your nerves are no longer compressed, your brain receives the signal that the tension is released and that leads to less pain. Not living in that constant pain provides one less thing to worry about. 

Indian Head Massage is a specialized technique that manipulates soft tissue in the scalp, neck, shoulders and back. Stress and tension caused by a tension headache melt away by relaxing the tense muscles in your neck and shoulders. Indian head massage relaxes, stimulates and revives the head and scalp. The added bonus of healthy hair growth is a pleasant surprise. As with any massage, Indian head massage eliminates toxins from the body. 

Reduce the spasms of muscle pain.

Massage can prevent a problem before it can start. Eliminating those tight muscles in your back prevents physical problems before they have a chance to get worse. Not experiencing the pain at all is a simple realization that brings positive physical results.

Hot Stone Therapy along with oils such as geranium, frankincense is very effective in relieving stress. It also improves poor circulation and gets rid of the inflammation found in the body. Hot stone therapy has been linked to improved lymphatic drainage and increased blood circulation. These rocks are not just from your backyard but they are stones that are made up of basalt, basalt is a type of volcanic rock that retains heat. This type of rock is made under intense heat and pressure from molten lava. Cold stones can also be used to soothe the skin and blood vessels. Hot stone massage therapy leads to deep relaxation.

Fun fact: did you know basalt stone is also found on the moon

Sleep through the night.

Many people from all walks of life seem to suffer from chronic fatigue. Chronic fatigue in women may be caused by depression, anxiety, stress and lack of sleep. Even simply taking on too much can cause fatigue. Along with chronic fatigue comes unexplained weight gain, difficulty concentrating and feeling lethargic. One way to combat chronic fatigue is through regular massages. 

Phases of a woman’s menstrual cycle can also affect sleep. During ovulation and after ovulation can be a disruptor in the quality of sleep. Furthermore, a massage can be very relaxing during “that time” of the month, however, informing the massage therapist is best so they can take extra care in massaging the abdominal area.

Thai stem massage can be used as an excellent way to get a sense of deep relaxation, along with relieving aches and pains of muscles and joints. 

At the Canadian Holistic Training Academy, we offer Thai stem herbal compress massage certification,  along with whole-body massage techniques, herbal bags are used to reduce inflammation and as an aid for the lymphatic system. Learning Thai Stem Coconut facial massage is also included in the course, with 100% all-natural herbs and oils. This type of facial massage is great for skin revitalization and rejuvenating for a youthful glow. Meridian theory and massage are also discussed.  Meridian is a concept in Chinese medicine. Life-energy that is known as “qi” flows through your body. 

Enhance exercise performance.

Feeling that pain after exercise? Post-exercise massage may be helpful in delaying or reducing the chance of sore muscles. Massage delays the onset of pain and you tend to recover faster. 

Massage should be part of your regular self-care schedule because it keeps you exercising longer without developing the aches and pains so you don’t quit exercise. Even recovering faster from training and getting a good night’s sleep while detoxifying your body and getting rid of that unwanted fat is another hidden benefit of massage. 

As you can see all of these 4 different massage techniques are all interconnected. There are many different types of massage and these are some of the courses that the Canadian Holistic Training Academy teaches. 

Check out our Wellness Spa Package package to learn more about all of the different massage techniques that would be beneficial to learn for yourself or your holistic health business. 


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