Indian Head Massage


Indian Head Massage Certification Workshop

One day workshop – 10 am to 4 pm

This course is offered monthly based on availability – Holidays Excluded

Add this luxurious treatment to your specialty menu of your wellness clinic or spa and clients who prefer a fully-clothed massage option will adore you. This treatment can be administered to clients seated in a chair or extended on a massage table. So versatile, it can be conveniently offered in-home, in-office or even as a specialty treatment at a hair salon, seniors home or at a hospital.

Indian Head Massage is an excellent choice to relieve stress since this head therapy effectively relaxes the entire body. It is also greatly appreciated by people who sit at a computer for extended lengths of time.

Through this course, you’ll learn how to facilitate ultimate relaxation, harmony and balance for your client. You’ll learn how to relieve stress through the pressure points of the face and scalp along with specialized massage for the neck, shoulders, and back.

Workshop Outline:

  • Indian Head Massage Explained
  • The History of Indian Head Massage
  • Benefits of Indian Head Massage
  • Energy Centers Used in Indian Head Massage
  • Marma points and Indian Head Massage
  • Precautions, safety, and Contraindications
  • Indian Head Massage Techniques and Hands-On Practice
  • When Not to Perform Indian Head Massage
  • Treatment Cost and Setup
  • Hot oil treatments
  • Hot oil hair growth treatments
  • Massage Techniques – Hands-On Practical
  • Technique modifications – or prone versus seated clients
  • Case Studies

Included is a comprehensive study outlining various ways to incorporate Indian Head Massage into your daily holistic health practice.

Certificate obtained upon submission of 2 practical case studies

Investment: $495.00