Holistic Health Consultation


Holistic Health Consultants Diploma Correspondence

Home-Study Course

If you’re interested in opening and operating your own Holistic Health Consulting Practice, this course is the one for you.

Become a Wellness Expert and gain the knowledge and expertise you’ll need to serve your clientele with confidence and the utmost professionalism as a Certified Holistic Consultant.

Registration for this course has skyrocketed since more people are choosing to allow their bodies to heal naturally.

This program is packed with researched data and vital information in 7 categories of health covering links to critical areas of disease and the choices that can be made to fully support a healthy immunity, to increase longevity and to lead a holistic lifestyle.

Based on the foundation of the 4 Pillars of Wellness, you’ll learn how disease is connected to Emotional, Nutritional, Spiritual and Physical factors.

Course Outline:

  • How to conduct an in-depth health consultation with your clients
  • Dietary factors in relation to disease
  • Healthy dietary elements
  • Contributing factors to poor overall health
  • Hygiene and its relation to disease
  • Body cleansing & detoxification protocols
  • The correct detoxification
  • Who should NOT detox and why
  • The importance of supplementation
  • Supplements and toxicity, including allergic reactions
  • Toxicity and gut health
  • Facts and fallacies about cholesterol
  • Products that pollute our internal body
  • The Glycemic Index and its relation to overall health
  • Inflammation and necrosis
  • Environmental medicine covering 100 conditions and diseases
  • Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology

Equipment Requirement:

  • Iris analysis camera required with laptop connect

2 Prerequisite modules & requirements for the Holistic Health Consultants Diploma:

  • Reflexology Certification
  • Iridology, Herbs, Nutritional Therapy

Investment: $2,500.00