Aromacology Certification Program - Level 1

Enhance your skills as a Holistic Practitioner and increase your knowledge of Aromatherapy and the extensive uses of essential oils in massage, skin care, baths, and their safe applications for product development.

This practitioner certification is the perfect choice for non-massage therapists who would like to create their own skin care line or health-promoting products using various blends.

Learn about allergic and adverse reactions, inhalations, precautions and contra-indications along with childcare, infants and pregnancy cautions.

This course does not cover massage technique, anatomy or physiology training.

Course Outline:

  • Historical uses
  • In-depth study of 25 essential oils ; EXCLUDES massage, anatomy and physiology training.
  • Various application methods
  • Carrier oils in Massage, baths, skincare, inhalation, body products, therapeutic and clinical applications
  • Obscure and dangerous oils
  • Skin safety issues
  • The art of blending
  • Most unique, versatile blends and ancient methods to achieve the best healing
  • Precautions and Contraindications
  • Child safety with oils
  • Consultation and Assessment

Course Fee $449.00