About Lynette Bosman

About Lynette Bosman


Founder and CEO of the Canadian Holistic Training Academy (formerly the Canadian Holistic Therapists Training School and The Mississauga School of Aromatherapy) and the Essential Oil Safety Board, Lynette Bosman is passionate about educating her students in the art of holistic wellness through the balancing of the 4 Pillars of Healing: Emotional, Spiritual, Nutritional and Physical.

With greater than 25 years of specialized expertise in the health and wellness business, Lynn has seen the evolution of the Holistic and Essential Oil Aromatherapy Industries. Through her continued dedication to obtaining qualified, proven researched based data from Industry leaders, Lynn’s students receive the most updated information available in the holistic industry.

Lynn’s experience with natural health, herbs and healing practices began in the mid-seventies following her development of a severe skin condition. She changed her diet, began a regular yoga practice and cultivated a keen interest in macrobiotics. Specialized training followed through her employment with an Herbalist in South Africa and Lynn pursued formal studies in the field of natural medicine Internationally.

Relief from her skin condition finally came with the discovery of Azulene extract from Germany (a chemical component found in the essential oil, German Chamomile) and Lynn’s interest in natural health products expanded with her desire to help others with similar afflictions.

Over time, Lynn has achieved accreditation in numerous holistic modalities and has dedicated decades to health and wellness as a researcher, lecturer, teacher, author and course creator.

Qualified in acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology and biogenetic stress testing, nutritional and herbal protocols, advanced clinical analysis, iridology and nutritional therapy, Lynn has mastered 5 massage therapy techniques.

Lynn enthusiastically shares her wealth of knowledge and expertise with her students – both locally and abroad through her course creation and program offerings delivered conveniently through her Academy.

Past president of the International Aromatherapist & Tutors Association, Lynn specializes in the healthful benefits of essential oils, the toxicity in beauty products and creating chemical-free cosmetics and skin-care products.

Lynn has been involved with introducing aromatherapy through the Health and Wellness Committees to the following organizations:

  • The Woman’s College Hospital
  • St. John’s Rehabilitation Centre
  • The Women’s Support Group of Peel
  • The Peel Board of Education
  • Multiple Seniors and Retirement Homes
  • Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Services – Whitby

Today, Lynn partners with corporations, school boards, natural beauty practitioners and holistic consultants to increase knowledge in the field of health and wellness from the inside out.

Lynn teaches environmental sciences to children through the Toronto District School Board and has authored an eco-friendly book focusing on the safe uses of products for children. The book is a compilation of research from 5 Canadian universities containing information about the relationship between childhood obesity, sleep cycles, and unsafe everyday products. The E-Book is available for download upon request.

A guest speaker for the Fibromyalgia Association, and The Mental Health Institute in Whitby. Lynn has also been a contributor to Healthy Directions health magazine and appeared on live TV a number of years ago explaining the benefits of essential oils to relieve muscular aches and pains, and actively participates as a facilitator in Wellness shows and conferences, advocating for Holistic Healthy Living and Safe Practices.

Areas of Lynn’s expertise includes Body Toxicity, Carcinogenic substances, Harmful Chemicals in Beauty and Hygiene Products, Essential Oils to Support Good Health, Food Quality Concerns, Health & Nutrition, Mood Swings, Depleted Energy, Obesity and Hormonal Imbalances.

Lynn would be delighted to speak at your next corporate or organization’s event. She’s as happy to share her expertise and specialized knowledge with your group as she is with her students and alumni.