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Aromatherapy Introduction Class (Home Study Correspondence)

Aromatherapy Certification
(In Class)

Aromatherapy Certification
(Home Study Correspondence)

Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy
(Correspondence from England) C.L.C.A. Designation obtained

(Home Study Correspondence)

Acupuncture Diploma

Holistic Health Consultants Diploma (Correspondence Home Study)

Hot Stone Healing Therapy

Iridology, Herbology and Nutrition

Green Eco Spa Certification

Reflexology Foot Spa Course

All-Natural Earth Mineral Make-up Workshop

Cosmetic Making Workshop

Indian Head Massage Therapy



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Now Serving the areas of Barrie, Richmond Hill , Thornhill, Woodbridge, Toronto and Brampton. Mississauga by arrangement.

What sets us apart from other schools is the extensive amount of global research that we incorporate into our programs. The only school in Canada that has the research references to prove the years of global research into Aromatherapy programs, the first Clinical Aromatherapy course developed for a University Program for Nurses. This is the highest level of training in Canada for Aromatherapy.

Our Hot Stone course, teaches the massage with hot stones and the Japanese method of placing the stones to enhance greater relaxation of the muscles.

Our affiliation with Medical Herbalist, Martin Watt from England provides us with the latest global research and reference materials for our students. We have 150 research references in Aromatherapy materials that are accessible to our students. The school is known for having the latest information and changes in the holistic industry.

Our training facility has been the first to introduce organic herbal spa courses, using organic dried herbs prepared by the students for treatments used in facials, foot and hand massage and body treatments. The client is offered the ultimate rejuvenation therapy with earth minerals and unprocessed plant oils incorporated into their treatment.

These signature treatments are unique as the ingredients are pure and chemical free and have been compared to treatments only found in the leading spa's around the world. Our students seek out our school because we are the only one who teaches how to mix and make these products for treatments.

Some of our graduates have successfully started their own spas and have implemented an All Natural Beauty Spa Therapy. Positive feedback from their clientele indicates they made the right choice in choosing to provide All Natural Spa products

Our students are from across Canada: Ottawa, Windsor, London, Huntsville, Muskoka, Collingwood, Whistler, Vancouver, Victoria, Kamloops, Kelowna, and Calgary.

Students from three native bands- Victoria Native peoples Wellness group, Squamish Native people's Health group, and native health groups in Ontario.

International students that have trained with us in Canada have come from Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Ukraine, Ireland, Scotland, England, Mexico, Ecuador, Trinidad, Nicaragua, and Bermuda.

Students from the USA have been from Georgia, Massachusetts, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, and Washington State, New York.

Aromatherapy Certification
Herbs & Nutrition
Herbs &
Natural Beauty Spa Aromatherapy
Natural Beauty
Spa Aromatherapy
Cosmetic Making
Services (including Thai Stem Massage
Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Children and Baby Health
A leader in the US Wellness movement reports about the top most common environmental toxins and its effects on children’s health. Dr. Mercola outlines in many articles the dangers and risks attached to the daily usage of body products which contain phthalates, chemicals that mimic hormones and are particularly dangerous to children.

Chloroform is formed when chlorine is added to water and may be blamed for birth defects. Dioxins have risk factors such as developmental disorders.

Artificial air fresheners are noted to pollute the air in homes and result in breathing problems, and asthma in children. Dryer sheets, fabric softeners and synthetic fragrances are all part of the indoor air pollution which result in childhood asthma and respiratory problems.

He quotes that impaired fetal brain development are common risk factors attached to the usage of PCB’s (polychlorinated biphenyl’s) Banned in the USA for decades but still present in our environment. The major source are farmed raised salmon which are fed ground up fish that have absorbed PCB’s in the environment.

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